Strike UQAM student employees: During disturbed

soutien-revendications-professeurs-decide-neThe courses are disturbed at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). Without a contract for almost two years, students university employees sparked an indefinite strike this morning. They block all entrances of the university since dawn.

In support of the claim, the teachers decided not to cross the picket lines. The management of the UQAM has not issued any comment.

The communications manager of the Union of Students UQAM employees (SETUE), Annabelle Sirois, explained that a bargaining session last chance last Thursday yielded no results. “The employer deliberately stagnating negotiations. There has been no satisfactory proposal so far, “she summarized this morning.

The SETUE has already spoken to 85% for a term of indefinite strike from today. The salary issue is at the heart of the dispute.

The SETUE demand, among other things, a substantial wage increase research auxiliary bachelor, who earns $ 13.25 per hour compared to $ 21 per hour, and $ 23 for students at the Graduate and Professional PhD. Student employees also demand an intellectual recognition.

The SETUE in brief

The SETUE is a union representing more than 3,000 annually atypical workers working at UQAM. The members hold a variety of jobs such as teaching or research auxiliary, mentoring, demonstrator, demonstrator, placières and usher in theaters, employees of parking, etc. At present, 1900 students are under contract with the university.

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