Strongmen Alma goes professional

francois-caron-classe-3eThe caliber of the competition of strong men Alma climb a notch in 2016. The event, to be held on June 18 on the Boulevard des Cascades, going to the professional level. The approximately 10 strongest men in the country will compete in downtown Alma in five events to set new Canadian records.

“Last year, the competition brought together lovers. This year, it will only be professionals. Best in the country. Its just a new event, “says Mike Sanders, founder of the group” Circuit of strong men “who works with Festivalma to organize the event.

The organization has a dozen strong men competitions professionals in the country. But that Alma will have a little something special. Athletes attempt to establish a record in one of the trials.

“They all exceed their limits. It’ll be spectacular. Because normally in competition, the strong men will go away, but just enough to get first. But there they are going to go all the way because it is setting new records. They will want to keep that title for long. They will give everything, “explains Saunders.

Among the ten strong men, there will be the original Almatois Vincent Lapointe. The latter, placed 5th in Canada in its domain, hopes to win a title in the men’s block.

“That is my strength. I’ll try to lift 400 pounds. I will give everything. In other competitions, it also gives. But given that there are several tests, we are more exhausted and you have to keep forces if we want to stay in the competition. There, it will go as far to successfully be part of the archives, “commented the Almatois who now lives in Quebec.

But Jean-François Caron, five-time Canadian champion and 3rd in the world, does not intend to leave to chance to his competitors.

“There will be five events in Alma. I plan to establish five records, “he warns.

The competition will run from 13 am to 17 pm outside. The multi-storey car will serve as bleachers for spectators. In addition to the competition, people will be invited to participate in various clinical training offered by the CrossFit O’Lac 10 h h 30-13. Tickets for this event are on sale for $ 10 in several retail outlets in the region and Festivalma office. People can also purchase tickets online at In case of rain, the event is postponed to the next day.

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