Student injured during a demonstration: the ethics investigation drags on

trudeau-ete-blessee(Quebec) The investigation regarding police ethics wounding Naomie Tremblay Trudeau during a protest March 26, 2015 drags on. Counsel for the student, who sent a formal notice to Quebec City after the incident, did not expect to have the results before the summer.

“It’s very long. The office of the Commissioner of Police Ethics told me he was waiting for a ballistics report at the end of December, but the last I heard, he had not yet received, “said Sun Marc Lemaire , lawyer Naomie Tremblay-Trudeau.

“We have restarted several times, but with all these delays, I am convinced that we will not have in hand the results of the inquiry before the summer,” says the lawyer, who intends to rely on conclusions of the report to sue for damages against the City of Québec, including a police officer conducted a firing tear gas in the face of the young woman of 19 years.

Then she attended a side event at the National Assembly in spring 2015 that Naomie saw the policeman Charles Scott-Simard perform a tear gas shooting very close to his face. The shooting caused bruises and burns to the face of the protester.

3D cameras

The side of the police ethics commissioner, it is estimated that the investigation still runs smoothly. “The investigation began in the days following the event, but requires a certain level of expertise. We have among other 3D cameras used to reconstruct events and waited an expert report in the last months of 2015. We can not go faster, “explains Mr. Maurice Cloutier, General Counsel to the Commissioner’s office.

Admitting that the case was a bit special, he added that the Commissioner will analyze data from the laboratory of forensic science for gas dispersion gun tear and positioning of people and then consult other experts.

“This is something that has already started. We must also meet all the witnesses and there are many in this case. There are still some that we still have not met, “concluded Mr. Cloutier.

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