Sugar gold: tourist accommodation project $ 2 million

achete-erabliere-cabaneThe sugar bush at Sugar Gold Laterriere a tourist accommodation project $ 2 million that aims to attract snowmobilers and European tourists on its website.

The co-owners of the family business, Sylvain Andre and Nero brothers have built a small inn 12 to 15 rooms near the sugar shack. The brand could also take the form of several small cottages.

Nero brothers also want to build two observation cabins directly in the sugar bush. Small facilities will provide accommodation close to nature game viewing.

They expect to begin clearing the area subject to the inn in the coming months. The owners hope their tourist accommodation project may be opened in the summer of 2017.

For three years, the sugar shack welcomes snowmobilers who are now likely to stop the snowmobile relay for a meal. It is noting the interest of snowmobilers to the place, as well as the growing number of European tourists wishing to visit the sugar bush, that the idea of ​​supplying accommodation has come to them.

“There is a diversity of species in the sugar bush, and they are easily observable with sparse forest. It is beautiful, we have a dozen moose, black bears, birds of prey, it’s beautiful, “says Sylvain Néron, met Monday at the family sugar shack, located on the way of the Chain near the village.

The wild beauty of marvels since he and his brother bought the sugar bush eight years ago. He tells fascination with the time he saw a female moose successfully pass smoothly under the tubing system, or that other time where a raptor dived in front of him on a small rodent, “like in the movies.”

Indeed, the former hunter now stored his gun. “The last time I killed a moose, I looked, and I thought that was the worst mistake of my life,” he drops.

“It softens with age! “He laughs. He no longer hunt itself squirrels. Small animals like to chew the tubing system and are known to cause headaches for maple syrup producers.

Sylvain Néron now wish to discover this wildlife tourists. “We receive many European tourists wishing to explore the forest. They love to come and see the fall colors. For many French see a moose, it’s a dream. ”

The producer estimated 15 000-17 000 people visit the sugar bush each year. The sugar shack in Sucre gold put on the tourist manna to now open its doors during the four seasons.

Whether for a site visit, a meal, a special event, the brothers Nero welcome tourists and local visitors throughout the year.

What satiate a thirst exceeded

Former insurance broker, Sylvain Néron dropped everything, looking for new challenges. And with the new family sugar bush, the two brothers owners do not lack.

“Sometimes I wonder why I work 90 hours a week, and it gives me to do that,” drops the owner of the Maple Sugar in gold Laterriere.

Yet he continues to develop projects, to think about adding such a building, such as equipment or work on its marketing. Nero is that Sylvain is passionate, and his new trade of maple syrup seems to suit him perfectly.

He and his brother have invested some $ 700,000 in the last three years to be equipped with a system of production and processing of the sap into maple syrup. Nearly 5,800 cuts are now performed in the sugar bush.

In the new building that houses the evaporator and the various equipment, located at the rear of the sugar shack, the interview with The Daily quickly turned into small conference, Mr. Néron was quick to respond questions of ten visitors who were there and who have joined us.

He made tour of the facility, explained the process of transformation and shared various anecdotes, visibly happy to share his knowledge.


The sugar bush at Golden Sugar will be this year in its third season of production of maple syrup. The approximately 16,000 pounds of maple syrup are used for the sugar shack needs. Some products are sold in the local shops. Some restaurants also buy maple syrup.

The owners work in the canned product marketing.

“It’s complicated: you have to get the quotas and there are several things to consider,” says Nero.

It is expected that the season a little late this year, begins in the coming days. To facilitate casting, the temperature should be cool the cold day and night.

The producer is expected to experience a similar season to that of last year.

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