Sugars in town for a good cause

proprietaire-restaurant-augusteThe moment of noon, the Augustus restaurant in downtown Sherbrooke turned into sugar shack, less the woodstove and picnic tables, as part of a collection funds for Rock-Guertin Foundation.

Back for its fifth edition, dinner Sugar Shack has attracted some 120 people who wanted to live the experience of the sugar shack in town. In all, it’s $ 4,000 that were donated to the Foundation for the purchase of perishable and non-perishable food baskets for the school year.

“We get food every week. It is certain that there is a period that is more intense between October and December. But the Foundation is 12 months a year, whether the Baskets of the season, Easter baskets or Hope Baskets, so it takes people to be generous 12 months a year. Events like today (Saturday) it allows us to show people that the Foundation is not only the Baskets of Hope, “says Denis Fortier, general manager of Rock-Guertin Foundation.

As usual, the Augustus restaurant reinvents the wheel by proposing a meal consisting of a salad ears of Christ, cubes of ham, an omelette and a pudding unemployed among others.

“Business was established five years ago by talking with Denis Fortier who explained that the school year, there are many families who were struggling to make ends meet. It affected me a lot so we decided to organize this event annually. I have a restaurant, I feed people, this is my way of giving back. My team was the denominator there, it is generous, “says Anik Beaudoin, owner of Auguste restaurant.

After the first service, gourmands seemed satisfied.

“I think the restaurant should Auguste turn into perpetual sugar shack, it was the best meal of life. It is a sugar shack meal with traditional flavors, but always with subtle tastes a little more demand. We help a cause at the same time, then this is the best of both worlds. It is not necessarily seasoned volunteers, but is involved in participating, “said Danny Champagne after his meal.

The last year’s edition had raised $ 5,000.

The next activity of the Foundation Rock Guertin is a lobster dinner on May 11 Stanley restaurant.

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