Sugary drinks: prevention rather than taxes

selon-coalition-poids-taxe-boissons(Quebec) The Quebec government rejects the idea of ​​imposing an additional tax on sugary drinks, despite repeated calls from the Quebec Coalition on Weight-Related Problems.

In that request, the Government of Philippe Couillard opposed his favorite credo: no more question of taxing Quebecers. This is indicated in the cabinet of the Minister for Rehabilitation, the Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois.

Floating seen by some on this issue seems to have lived. For the foreseeable future, the government has chosen his path. He opts for prevention.

By the end of the month or in early September, Lucie Charlebois officially give birth to the Quebec Table on healthy eating.

People who sit there have a mandate to “ensure the promotion, adoption and maintenance of a healthy diet,” says his colleague, Alexandra Bernier.

The Minister will also present a health prevention policy, which will involve the Ministry of Education and of Health.


“Believing that individuals must rely solely on their willingness to adopt healthy lifestyles succession magical thinking”, said in June Corinne Voyer, director of the Weight Coalition.

Ms. Voyer argued that a study from the University of North Carolina and Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health showed that the Mexican tax on sweetened beverages had reduced the consumption of these products. Equivalent to 10% of their cost, it has contributed to an average decrease of 6% of their purchases, she insisted.

For the Weight Coalition, prevention is necessary. But the tax on sugary drinks would be a much more effective weapon to reduce obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and tooth decay, she said.

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