Sum 41 at Expo Quebec: tornado effect

deryck-whibley-demontre-quil-toujours(Quebec) Fans of Sum 41 have not been disappointed on Friday night at Expo Québec. The leading group of the punk rock scene has chained his success with an energy that was beautiful to see.

Cone McCaslin and Tom Thacker, who always draws them and their teenagers silhouette, have clearly benefited from group two years fallow to recharge their batteries. Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger drummer) took over Stevo, who announced he was leaving the group at the end of their last tour in 2013, shortly after Sum 41 was withdrawn last concerts of Dead Silence Tour Billy Talent, including those of Quebec, Montreal and Moncton.

As for the singer Deryck Whibley, who almost died last year because of his alcohol abuse, he demonstrated that he was still a strong singer and leader. While it sported a little puffy yellow hair under his features, his smile was not lying: sobriety does him good.

True to himself, he stepped fucking, motherfuckers and other derivatives to whip his troops, many came to jump and sing lustily words learned by heart long ago. He hosted several variety of games, but not abuse, leaving the largest share music. Four fans selected by Whibley from the pit could attend the concert stage. “It really is not long since we came here. It’s good to be back! “Launched it after a few songs.

Sum 41 were about twenty pieces, Hell Song, Summer (for fans of the first hour) and of course Fat Lip, the last reminder, the menu. In the middle of the concert, the pieces of the latest albums aroused a little less frantic leaps, but the crowd soon regained the hair of the beast with a medley of Metallica pieces (!) And In Too Deep.

Muted Screams

Muted Screams, a group formed in the region in 2007, served as heavy rock, melodic and melancholy early evening. The quintet, who sported a new bass player for his first performance at Expo Québec, did well.

The audience, already many more that there is a week to Wyclef Jean, however, kept their energy to the poster.

The Stopru