Sunny days are approaching for Sags

1169174For the ninth time in ten years, the Chicoutimi were surrendered in the first round of the playoffs, but this time, light is visible at the end of the tunnel. The surprising season that ended Monday night showed that the days are approaching for chicoutimienne organization.

A few minutes after the first playoff victory Screaming Eagles since 2009, Marc-André Dumont coach did not fail to emphasize qualifiers for “outstanding work” of his counterpart Yanick Jean and Sags staff. He even bothered to tell him personally.

Dumont went through this process that will culminate in the coming weeks. When it is brought to the bar of the team of Nova Scotia in 2012, it has won seven of his 38 games to miss the playoffs. Three years later, that he has on hand a top team. For Sags and Yanick Jean, it will be less long, pointed without hesitation honcho Screaming Eagles. The foundations are very solid with Frédéric Allard, Nicolas Roy and Julio Billia. It only remains to put flesh on the bones.

The baggage banked in recent months and particularly during the first round against a team at maturity will be a valuable asset for the next steps. Yes the Sags were facing a better team, more mature, more experienced, but they gave their all and they could have caused surprise with a little more luck. The big guns of the favorites did the work.

If Sags had managed to pick up the third meeting in overtime, the result would probably have been different. At 5-1 in the sixth game, this late almost ascent in the third period says something about the character of this training.

Honestly, in September, I thought it would be a long season with little things to put in their mouths, a feeling that has intensified after nine defeats from the outset.

In previous months, Yanick Jean had completely transformed the alignment after a season more than disappointing, leading to his arrival with the team.

This time, the club was in his image and never, during the storm, he seemed to lose control, repeating day after day that it would restore themselves. He was right while Sags were then held in the first half, even after the departure of Gabryel Boudreau in Gatineau. This disastrous start to the season but will cost valuable ranking points that would have to meet a less affluent opponent Screaming Eagles. But with so …

This series has brought to light the talent defender Jeremy Groleau who did not look like a player of 16 years face the Screaming Eagles. Paired with Frederic Allard on the first duo, the young man showed impressive calm and was in control throughout the series, even offering some good foiled

Elijah Berube exception, all the current edition of defenders could come back next year, plus another 16 years defender David Christmas who scored 20 goals in the midget last season.

The defense will certainly not be a problem in Chicoutimi in the coming years.

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