Super Dragon Ball: Summaries of episodes 55-57, the transformation of Black Goku confirmed!

dragon-ball-super-episode-55-episode-54-titreAbstracts of the next Super Dragon Ball episodes have now been released, and we have confirmation that Black Goku will acquire a new very special transformation!

The arc Trunks full swing at this time in Super Dragon Ball, whose 54 episode showed us the lesson of Vegeta Trunks. Since it began, there are many questions about the main enemy, the famous Black Goku. Some information has been given to us as the fact that it is none other than the Kaio Shin of the universe 10 Zamasu, but it is still much to discover. How he got the body of Goku? The answer should probably arrive in the coming episodes of DBS, the titles and abstracts were announced and resulted in Episode 55 which will air Sunday, August 21, is entitled “I want to see Son Goku: Convocation at the Supreme King” and here is his summary: “After receiving the message the Supreme King who wants to meet Goku, the God of Destruction Beerus ordered it to go to the King with the caveat that if the Supreme King is upset, it could destroy the universe downright 7! But although Beerus be terrified, Goku is absolutely not worried and it even seems to care. But what is the reason for convening the Supreme King? ” .

Now is the title and summary of the episode 56, we discovered Aug. 28: “Round 2 against Goku Super Saiyan The Black Rose appears!”, “Repair and maintenance of the time machine are complete! Goku, Vegeta and Trunks (Future) start to the Future. in a city of the Future in ruins, the three met the Resistance and come face to face with someone unexpected … ” the transformation of Goku Black , which had been unveiled, is confirmed! Finally, episode 57, aired on September 4, entitled “Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue” and whose synopsis: “Goku and the others can they defeat Black Goku ultimately turns into Super Saiyan? Blue and uses all its power against Black: An intense battle begins! ” so we expect very heavy, so strongly on!

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