Surprise: the first in Phoenix

dispute-match-presque-parfaitConsternation in Shawinigan Cataractes have crumbled under pressure and Phoenix played an almost perfect match, so to win the first leg of this series thanks to the brilliant output of goalkeeper Evan Fitzpatrick. Final score: 3-2 Sherbrooke.

Phoenix wanted to shake the confidence of Cataracts from the start while enjoying its chances with the man advantage. You could say he respected the letter to the game plan.

“That’s what I call a team victory, supported Fitzpatrick, the first star of the game. Our special teams have been excellent. It’s only the first game. One on Saturday afternoon will be even more important. ”

To the surprise at Gervais Auto Centre Daniel Audette scored his brand by getting a rebound with a man advantage.

Sherbrooke residents have offered a golden opportunity Cataractes by being undisciplined once but twice, but Evan Fitzpatrick has stepped important saves to keep his team in the game during this five against three.

In another powerplay, Carl Neill doubled the lead in Sherbrooke, creating a heavy silence in the stands.

Suddenly, Stephane Julien and his company sowed doubt in the minds of the favorites.

“Our power play was deficient late in the season, but this time it has been effective with the man advantage, which made the difference. a big early in the game we had and that gave rhythm to our team. ”

“Are we took lightly Phoenix? Are we was nervous? Is our focus was in the right place? I do not know. We will sit together and we’ll talk. Sure thing, it was emotional tonight, “commented Claude Bouchard giving all the credit to the opponent.

The visitors did not lose anything by waiting. Cataracts have been able to come from behind in the second twenty thanks to goals from Brandon Gignac and Alexis D’Aoust.

The intensity of Chad Pietroniro subsequently served the cause of his team. Following a formal striking failure, the Menace had to face the music by engaging combat with Matt Klebanskij, who was expelled for having instigated. What has not pleased his coach since the Phoenix took the opportunity to put the winning run.

By redirecting a shot by Thomas Gregory Guillaume Gauthier scored that famous third play goal for Phoenix.

The game quickly closed the third period with a very tight style practiced by neglected. The Cataractes knocked on the door without being able to thread the needle.

“We feel some excitement following this victory, but this feeling will last about fifteen minutes and we will redirect our attention to the next game. A series, it will not be won in one night, “recalls Captain Carl Neill.

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