Suspicious fire on Greber Boulevard

fireA commercial building was engulfed in flames on the night of Sunday evening on Gréber Boulevard in Gatineau.

The 151 Gréber Boulevard – where particular was a tanning studio and pool-bar Saphyr – was heavily damaged by the fire that broke out shortly before 10:15 p.m.. Tanning studio, where the fire originated, was completely destroyed. Other businesses suffered water-related damage and smoke.

The Fire Department of Gatineau (SSGI) speaks of a fire “of rare intensity”, while witnesses said on social media explosion she heard noises.

Several people were inside the building when the flames arose, but no one was injured. The room where the fire spread, however, was unoccupied.

The SSGI estimated the damage at about $ 1 million. The investigation to determine the cause of the fire is transferred to the police department of the City of Gatineau.

The Stopru