Sword attack in a Swedish school at least two dead

drame-rarissime-royaume-scandinave-produitA masked and armed man with a sword killed two people and injured two others seriously Thursday in a school in southwestern Sweden, before being killed by police.

Wearing a mask recalling that of Darth Vader (Darth Vader) in Star Wars (Star Wars), the assailant – a supporter of extreme right radical movements, according to several Swedish media – broke into the school attended by young people from immigrant and attacked several people, children and adults.

According to these media, the killer had posted on his YouTube account movies on Hitler and Nazism, and the police “shall” therefore “political motive”.

This rare drama in the Scandinavian kingdom occurred Thursday morning in Trollhättan, industrial city an hour’s drive north of Gothenburg, in a facility “problem” welcoming 400 students, including a large number of young migrants recently arrived in the countries.

The murderer was a child of Trollhättan, a young man of 21, police said, without revealing his identity immediately.

Gathered outside the school, students still reeling exchanged pictures taken on their smartphones disguised alleged killer, posing with them for a while before sowing death.

“We were in the cafeteria when a masked guy came and gave a saber in my educator”, told an AFP journalist David Issa, 14 years. “I panicked and I ran away. Then the police arrived. He started to hit others in the classroom. He went from class to class to hit people. ”

One teacher died of his injuries before surgery relief. The second deceased is a student, according to local media. “We can not confirm his identity until his family was not informed,” said a spokesman for the hospital.

Two other people were seriously injured: a teacher and a student whose condition was considered serious concern.

The assailant was “surgery for bullet wounds,” said the hospital. Touched liver, he succumbed to his injuries a few hours later, police said.

Witnesses described scenes of panic and terror when the man, armed with several weapons, dealt the first blows. Students fled while others barricaded themselves in their classrooms.

This rare drama in the Scandinavian kingdom occurred Thursday morning in Trollhättan, industrial city an hour’s drive north of Gothenburg, on the edge of a welcoming 400 students.

“When we saw it, we thought it was a joke. He wore a mask and black clothing and a long sword. Students were caught in the picture with him and wanted to touch the sword, “recounted a student named Laith on public television.

The Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, expected on site in the afternoon, spoke of “a dark day for Sweden.”

“I think the victims and their families, students and staff and to all of the affected community to,” said he said in a statement.

A 15 year old student, Aster Caridad, told AFP she was in school shortly after 10 am when “the teacher ordered us to stay in the classroom and told us that someone had just being killed and injured. ” “I am appalled because I personally know the victims, one of the wounded is my friend,” she has said.

Investigators had searched the home of the alleged killer in the day.

Situated in a popular area, the Kronan school, deemed difficult, has 400 pupils aged 6-15 years. A report of the General Inspectorate of the Swedish National Education criticized the lack of security measures against possible external threats, and bad teaching conditions.

The last such attack in Sweden dates back to 1961, when six youths were wounded and one shot dead at a vocational school in Kungälv.

In 2004, a project of attack with firearms against a school in Malmö (south) had been foiled.

Trollhättan, the home of Saab automobile manufacturer, has 57 000 inhabitants. The city is also known for its film studios, where the Danish director Lars von Trier’s Dogville turned notably.

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