Sylvie Roy leaves the CAQ

deputee-darthabaska-sylvie-roy(Quebec) MNA for Arthabaska for the Coalition Avenir Québec, Sylvie Roy now sit as an independent. She has announced today its intention to the Chief of Staff François Legault.

Last Monday, the MP Roy had been encountered by the House leader François Bonnardel who had demanded from him an important behavior change. For months, Ms. Roy neglected his activities to the National Assembly as in his constituency are we learned. Mr. Bonnardel had asked her to come back in the week with his game plan to be more self-discipline.

Ms. Roy was elected for the ADQ in 2003 with Mario Dumont. It was critical for natural resource issues. She had had its heyday in 2009 when it was critical on issues of integrity. She had been the first to demand that the Charest government a public inquiry into corruption in the construction industry.

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