Symphony: palpable excitement

1168023The excitement was palpable Sunday backstage at the Theatre National Bank shortly before the last concert of the Symphony Orchestra led by conductor Jacques Clement.

Several musicians had to say goodbye to their maestro with whom they worked for many years. The musicians said addressing this concert like any other, while still knowing that the emotion would be at the rendezvous.

“It is certain that it is a change, we know that something will happen. It is an emotional moment, because this is Jacques Clément who built the orchestra. We are moving towards something new, “said Robert Pelletier, timpani in the orchestra since 1987. He sees serenity with the transition that begins with the new conductor before taking office in May.

Flutist Aline Guerin, which is also part of the great family of the regional symphony orchestra since 1987, believes that this transition will also be an opportunity for renewal. “We need to be fed by the novelty. Mr. Clement was an extraordinary ambassador. The transition will be important with the next leader because the orchestra as his instrument. A new direction, younger, bring novelty, boldness, “she said, adding that the musicians are well prepared to begin this transition.

Michel Gingras, horn player for over 20 years in the orchestra, highlighted the important contribution of Jacques Clement. “It was he who developed the orchestra in the early years, and which helped to bring the pillars and regular musicians in the orchestra. […] It is always good to have something new. With the youth, we take a different direction. ”

“He will have to or she is making sound decisions and do see, in the good sense,” he added. This concert was also the last season of the musician, who takes a sabbatical.

All interviewed musicians were anxious, of course, to know the identity of the next conductor.

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