Syria: 70 dead and 550 wounded in an attack on a market Duma

attaque-contre-marche-survenue-alorsAt least 70 people were killed and 550 injured Friday in an attack against a market Duma rebel stronghold in the east of Damascus, said Saturday Médecins sans Frontières (MSF).

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) had yesterday reported 59 people killed, including five children, by firing rockets and aviation regime.

“It was an extremely violent bombardment. The injuries are worse than anything we have seen in the past, “said the director of a nearby hospital supported by MSF, said in a statement the organization. “We had to make many amputations (…). We did our best, but the number of seriously injured is well beyond what we can deal with our limited resources. ”

The treatment of the wounded was more difficult that “the nearest makeshift hospital had been bombed the day before” Thursday, killing 15 people, said MSF, from which 250 550 injured had to be made.

“The devastation caused by the initial air strike on the market was exacerbated by attacks on other rescue teams who treated the wounded,” said the organization.

A video posted Friday by the Duma of the Coordination Committee, a group of local activists, shows people lying in pools of blood amid smashed stalls.

Duma is a rebel stronghold situated in the eastern Ghouta, east of Damascus.

The city was again referred Saturday by raids of aviation from the Assad regime according to OSDH, who reported two killed.

The attack against the market came as key diplomatic players in the Syrian file were gathered in Vienna for talks on a political settlement of the conflict that has raged for more than four years.

The same day, 32 people, including 12 children, were killed in air raids against the northern city of Aleppo, reported OSDH, an organization based in London but has a vast network of sources across the Syria.

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