Syria: elections under the aegis of the United Nations provided within 18 months

passe-devant-affiche-effigiePresidential and parliamentary elections must be held in Syria under the auspices of the UN in the 18 months from March 14, announced Friday the UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura.

On the agenda of discussions aimed at ending the conflict in Syria scheduled in Geneva from March 14 to 24, “there will be three questions: a new inclusive government, a new constitution and new elections to be held in 18 months from the start of the negotiations, that is to say from the 14th of this month, “he said in an interview with the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

“The elections, presidential as parliamentary, will be held under UN auspices,” he added.

Wednesday, Staffan de Mistura announced a new series of discussions with the presence of representatives of the Damascus regime and opposition under the aegis of the UN, would be held from 14 to 24 March in Geneva.

“I hope that during this first stage of negotiations, we see progress at least on the first question,” that of the formation of a new inclusive government, said Mr. de Mistura to Ria Novosti.

He had previously indicated that there would after this round of talks “a break for a week to 10 days and [the talks] then resume,” adding that the talks will be held in separate rooms with the representatives of Damascus opposition.

A previous round of talks held in Geneva in February was cut short due to an intensification of airstrikes in Syria by Russia, an ally of Damascus.

Since a ceasefire agreement was negotiated by Washington and Moscow and the truce established February 27 seems to be good, despite some incidents.

The Damascus regime has already announced that he would send a delegation to Geneva, but the opposition has not yet made a decision. According to the special envoy of the UN, the arrival of participants lasts until Wednesday.

Five years of conflict in Syria has killed more than 270,000 people and displaced millions of people.

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