Tardif press the mayor to commit to a viewing room

culture-ville-sherbrookeThe chairman of the culture of the City of Sherbrooke, Pierre Tardif, asked the Mayor Bernard Sevigny to the intermediate distribution facilities a priority or terminate the project. At the time of the municipal council posts Monday, Mr. Tardif returned on a project against which it voted earlier this year.

“Mr. Sevigny, since the beginning of the project, when the Minister Maka Kotto Parti Quebecois you had written, he informed you that there was no guarantee of support from the Department for the operation. And thereafter in all correspondence received from the Department to date, there is always a phrase that mentions it. Then this is the City of Sherbrooke and Cote Scene say and how will guarantee financing for its functioning, “commented Mr. Tardif.

“We talk about recurring $ 170,000 per year and I presume that this amount will be indexed. I have in hand all the correspondence between the City and the Ministry and the condition on the agreement of the operation has been mentioned. The Ministry awaits your response since 2012 to move forward! The ball is in the camp of the city since then … Do not you think it’s irresponsible to take up the confusion in this situation and let the blame of the file on other instances? ”

Alderman suggests it may be time to clean house. “If it turns out that we can not find the necessary $ 170,000 per year in operation, so that we stop this project and look at how we can help develop and work towards a greater awareness of culture Sherbrooke next with our new cultural policy. ”

“Mr. Sevigny, if you are serious with this project, I would like to know, is that you are willing to make this issue a priority now or do you choose to wait another two years, a new study, to return to same point? Or maybe you prefer to leave a future council to decide … ”

Mayor Sevigny refused to show signs of discouragement. “The case is not over. I received no later than last week a letter from the Minister of Culture and MP for Sherbrooke Luc Fortin confirming the extension of two years for the government’s commitment. There is work being done. I think it’s a little short to wonder if you pull the plug sticking tonight. The folder is changing. There is no question of abandoning the project at this time. On the merits, it fills a basic need. ”

Councillor Diane delise rebuked his colleague Pierre Tardif its position. “In projects like this, we always have the choice to put their shoulder to the wheel and try to move the project or be a wet blanket. You can always see the glass half empty or half full. And we always have the choice to snub $ 4 million that the Quebec government offers us under the pretext that yes, we have a little trouble to make us secure the $ 170,000 needed for the operation. That’s not why I lower my arms now. ”

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