Tax credits: Julie Snyder challenged in court for its ineligibility

julie-snyderJulie Snyder persist and sign. The facilitator and his company Productions J have filed a petition before the superior Court, Friday, to challenge their eligibility for the tax credit for television production in Quebec.

According to a press release issued late Friday afternoon, the action seeks to invalidate the provisions of the Act respecting the Québec taxation that prevent Ms. Snyder and his production house to receive the tax credit for film and television production independent quebec.

The query indicates that these clauses to “make the financial assistance of the State (…) dependent on the family status of individuals”, which cause an “economic disadvantage” important ” to Ms. Snyder and his company.

In its last budget, the liberal government has decided to amend the eligibility criteria for tax credits to independent producers, which are now allocated to companies that are not closely linked to a broadcaster.

Thus, by this change, Productions J finds himself in the impossibility to receive this grant because of its content is broadcast to a large part on the TVA network, owned by Quebecor, a company majority controlled by the spouse of Ms. Snyder, the head of the Parti quebecois, Pierre Karl Péladeau.

Ms. Snyder considers that it is a “discriminatory measure” that violates the right to equality protected by the quebec Charter of rights and freedoms and the canadian Charter of rights and freedoms.

The statement said that the plaintiffs will not hear any further comment because the matter is before the courts.

The host Julie Snyder had announced at the end of the month of June that she was forced to leave the television production activities of his business “because of his marital situation”.

Questioned at that time about the possibility of continuing the government, the moderator had simply answered “that it was not there”.

Two weeks later, Productions J announced that it had ceased its activities in television. It is his former vice-president, Benoît Clermont, who has taken on the responsibility of producing shows with her new home, Productions of the Sea.

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