Tax evasion soon informers in taxis

projet-ne-fait-pas-partieThe taxi industry is not at the end of his troubles: Quebec has recovered 72 million a year by eliminating tax evasion in this sector where transactions leave no traces. The cookies will be installed in the vehicles and during the next year.

This project, of course, is not part of the recommendations made by the government in industry in the controversy over UberX. Drivers who have paid their license and insurance are complaining of this competition in their unfair. In the debate, the big names of the industry also argue that they pay taxes on their income, which is not so true that it believes Quebec.

Further action

According to Geneviève Laurier, spokesman of Revenu Québec, an estimated 72 million annually money which escapes the taxman in these transactions. Yesterday, the Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti, stressed that relations between Quebec and the industry were “excellent”. Groups representing users were also present at a conference in mid-July. Gestures have been made since you will be asked the uniforms for drivers at Trudeau airport, an application for all taxis have been developed in Montreal and 11,000 vehicles will be required to offer payment card by mid-October.

The industry produced 19 memories, and none of them advocated the use of cookies to curb tax evasion. “Well no, it is certain that they do not offer this, but they are against,” explained Mr. poeti later in La Presse. That does not mean it will be impossible to regulate his silver race, “but in every race, invoice release, and the restaurant,” he says. It is not known if he will need to change the regulations or to change the law, “but we have the time to do so in the coming year, in 2016”.

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