Tax havens in the National Assembly menu

nicolas-marceau(Quebec) Nobody expected that the small Quebec National Assembly terrace global hydra tax havens. Nevertheless it will consider starting Wednesday on “the phenomenon of the use of tax havens for tax purposes of escape and avoidance.”

This will be a first. The MPs from the Committee on Public Finance hear about thirty experts in the coming weeks.

The decision to move in this direction was taken at the beginning of the year, but the project has specified that in June

Three members Members of this body – the Liberal Raymond Bernier, the PQ and Nicolas Marceau caquiste André Spénard – had then confided their feelings about it, which resembles that of almost all citizens.

Tax havens are a phenomenon “completely unfair” having “a significant impact on the social level,” Mr. Bernier postulated.

Data collected by the Financial Commission are eloquent:

– More than 50% of world equity rose by some 70 tax havens listed on the planet.

– In 2011, no less than 24% of foreign direct investment in Canada were made in tax havens.

– Are Canadians possess assets totaling more than $ 170 billion in these territories.

– According to estimates, this would imply a shortfall for Canadian tax of between 5 $ 8 billion per year. The Québec tax losses would be in keeping.

Following hearings in a few weeks, the Financial Commission will make specific recommendations to the Quebec government. It will propose it to implement those within its jurisdiction and to discuss further with the federal government, has already indicated its president, Raymond Bernier.

Internationally, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s mandate is to find ways to fight against tax havens.

The OECD also helps States to detect and take action against “abusive tax planning,” noted MP André Spénard.

“These tax optimization practices are at the limit of legality. There are now so many specialists that go to the edge of legality. This is of course immoral, because it puts tremendous pressure on the others. These practices may comply with the tax laws as such, but certainly not their minds. ”

Go further

The PQ Nicolas Marceau noted that “Canada and Quebec have already many measures against the use of tax havens”, and that they are “continuously updated”. However, he added that all States must go much further.

Rousseau’s deputy is responsible for the fiscal year beginning tomorrow. “Those who practice tax evasion advantage of all our services, but do not contribute like other citizens,” he said in February.

In preparation, the members of the Quebec Public Finance Committee met Brigitte Alepin, co-screenwriter of the documentary The price on tax evasion.

In the National Assembly, so far, it is mainly Québec solidaire who tried to carry loads against tax havens.

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