Tax report: the CAQ and the PQ are urging Couillard to negotiate with Ottawa

toutes-autres-provinces-confie-agenceThe Coalition avenir Quebec (CAQ) and the Parti québécois (PQ) are urging the prime minister Philippe Couillard to agree with Ottawa to entrust to Revenu Québec the processing of a report of a single tax.

On Monday, Mr. Couillard is committed to examining the possibility of establishing a tax return single by the end of its mandate, without, however, specifying whether the mandate would be entrusted to Revenu Québec or the Canada revenue Agency (CRA).

The parliamentary leader caquiste François Bonnardel said on Tuesday that the quebec tax agency, which already manages to Ottawa the collection of the tax on the goods and services tax (GST), should be in charge.

“This idea, it is to assert the autonomy of Quebec in this jurisdiction is that of the taxes, he said. It already manages GST/QST enterprises, today with the computerized management that would facilitate even more the task of having a single tax report.”

Mr. Bonnardel was felt that a report of the single tax, which would allow Quebec to obtain compensation for its management of the federal part, would generate savings of $ 400 million to $800 million.

“There is no reason that in 2015, Quebec will be forced to make two reports to the tax”, he said.

According to the deputy caquiste, this issue should be part of the topics of the federal election campaign currently underway.

“It is necessary to act, I think we don’t need four years to ask the federal to be able to do our own tax return and I expect that it speeds up the not the part of the minister of Finance, if not the minister of intergovernmental Affairs”, he said.

The minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao, had expressed his openness to a proposal of the CAQ submitted last march.

Quebec is the only canadian jurisdiction that has a tax administration fully self-contained and separate from the federal authorities.

All other provinces have been entrusted to the ARC the responsibility of managing the perception of their income tax.

On Tuesday, the mp pq Alain Therrien has welcomed the most recent suggestion of Mr. Couillard, on the condition that it is Revenu Québec, which is in charge of the statements of income of Quebec.

“That he be able to convince the federal government to repatriate powers of perception and taxation of the federal government and one manages it ourselves,” he said.

Mr. Therrien has, however, expressed doubts on Tuesday about the actual motivation of Mr. Couillard to obtain this gain for Quebec.

“Try to convince Mr. Couillard of doing battles to, first, bring more powers to Quebec for then it leads to further savings in Quebec, we’re not so optimistic that it could work”, he said.

Commenting on Monday a report that recommends entrusting to the CRA activities of collection Revenu Québec to eliminate the cost of this duplication, Mr. Couillard spoke of the creation of a single return tax.

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