Taxi crisis: Chevrette advocates a hard line

memoire-depose-m-chevrette-ministreThe former PQ minister of Transport Guy Chevrette, charged by the taxi to find solutions to the crisis industry advocates a hard line to face competition from Uber, with saltier fines and license suspensions lead of six months to two years for violators drivers.

The brief filed by Mr. Chevrette Minister of Transport is also considering the creation of a flexible fare for a taxi. “Some of our members have talked about having a different tariff night and day, during peak and off-peak period. But as there is no consensus, we ask the minister to organize a consultation on this issue, “says Mr. Chevrette.

The former minister was appointed in May last negotiator and spokesman of the provincial consultation and development of the taxi industry committee. Its mandate is to fight against companies that “illegally providing taxi transportation in the territory of Quebec.”

None of the proposals of memory evokes solution to reduce the cost of transportation by taxi, about 30% higher than the trips with UberX service whose drivers do not have a taxi license. “Uber said to be an enterprise of the” sharing economy. ” Well, sharing, not undress Peter to Ti-Ti-Jean, the former minister launches.

If the government wants to equity, either in the Uber authorizes regulating or it deregulates the taxi industry. There, we can talk economics of sharing, “said Mr. Chevrette.

Special tax: Reaction poeti

Sunday, in response to a resolution of the youth wing of the Liberal Party, the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has for the first time expressed willingness to regulate UberX service. His Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti had previously insisted that the service is illegal and had been reluctant to regulate. Uber has since offered to pay a special tax in Quebec of 10 cents per trip, in return for which it would be allowed to operate legally.

“Mr. Couillard and I say exactly the same thing: we are not against new technology. What we are saying is that any competition must be fair and just. Is it that there may be changes in the law? The answer is yes. Because you have to evolve with society, but it must be done fairly, “said Mr. poeti.

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