Teachers: lower increases than expected, recognizes Coiteux

1084656The government did not afford all teachers salary increases resulting from the salary relativity, admits the president of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux.

The new offering provides a “specific” clause teachers they would receive increases, but they would be less than formally provides for its exercise to correct inequities in pay scales.

“Is what we can in our proposal absolutely correct any 100% of all the problems this time? The truth: no. Because a given moment, all this has a cost, “explained Mr. Coiteux. “What we do has nevertheless resulted in career earnings raise for teachers. ”

The new offer provides $ 550 million in 2019 to adjust the salary relativity in all public and parapublic sectors, that is to say 2.3% of total compensation according to the Treasury. Wage increases are variable geometry have more employees than others. Some would get anything.

Martin Coiteux confirmed that there would pay cut “a few cases” – at least 18,000 according to the trade union front.

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