Teen accused of terrorism: the fear of attack Montreal marathon in 2014

2014-jour-marathon-montreal-adolescentWatched helplessly the radicalization of his son, the mother of a teenager 15 years judged these days for crimes related to terrorism feared that move from words to deeds in the marathon of Montreal in 2014.

The teenager, whose identity is struck by a publication ban, is suspected of committing a robbery “for the benefit or at the direction” of a terrorist organization in addition to wanting to leave Canada to participate “the activities of a terrorist group abroad”.

Note that the teen is not accused of having wanted to carry out an attack on Canadian soil.

The Crown prosecutor Lyne Decarie revealed the fears of teen’s parents when she began oral argument on Tuesday in the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec in Montreal.

In 2014, the day of the marathon of Montreal, the youth is gone all day, as he almost never left the house.

That was almost two years that the parents attended powerless to radicalization of their son.

The teenager began to frequent websites jihadist propaganda in 2012. Then in February 2014, after stealing his father’s credit card number, he tried to send money via Western Union to a Lebanese association supporting jihadists in Syria.

“I will participate in the fighting in Syria in one way or another,” he then said to her father, worried.

Her parents changed their credit cards once. They also installed a parental control software on their computer.

A few months later, in May, the teenager tried to buy an airline ticket, “one-way” to Turkey with her father’s new credit card. He wanted to fly on the same day, on the evidence of the Crown. The bank, however, blocked the transaction.

Again, parents intervened. They confiscated his two passports (Algerian and Canadian) and his computer all summer. Except that the teenager managed to recover his Algerian passport. They also private spending money to make sure it does not frequent Internet cafes.

Then in September, the school has begun – the teen attended a private colleague exclusive of the metropolis – and his parents had to hand over his computer.

The teenager then began downloading a significant amount of equipment jihadist propaganda. He maintained links via Twitter in particular, with a man named Sami El, an official Montrealers of aggression in Pierrefonds in 2010 and went to do jihad in Syria in 2013. The accused also exchanged with Martin Couture-Roll, author the attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The day before the marathon of Montreal, the mother of the teenager found a cell number on a piece of paper in his son’s pants pocket. The investigation later revealed that this was the issue of Martin Couture-roll. “That worried me. He never had phone numbers (of friends). He has no friends, “said the mother to investigators.

At the time, the mother could not help thinking of the Boston bombings the previous year, in 2013. “We were afraid to do something. It is the day of the marathon and everything, “she continued. An investigator will ask him to clarify his thought: “an attack, I do not know what,” says the worried mother.

A picture of the deadly explosion at the Boston Marathon in 2013 will be also found in the teenager’s computer as a result of a search conducted at his home.

In the fall of 2014, has spent several months that the teen no longer speaks to her parents. It respects no more. “It is not like before. It became too lonely, “he told the mother.

This will ultimately few days later, on October 11, the teen will fly a convenience store at knifepoint. His “war booty” taken in “disbelievers” in a country “massacre his sisters and brothers,” justify when the teenager will be questioned at the time of his arrest on October 17.

It was his father who found his “spoils of war” (the terms of the teenager) that evening and reported him to the police. That night, the father hid all the knives in the house in his car, afraid that his son would commit further crimes.

Angry against his father who confiscated money -about $ 2,000 – the teenager will communicate via Twitter with Roll-Couture to borrow $ 50 to procure him a new knife and commit a second flight. Teen same offer him to come meet him at his private school, not without warn against “skirt girls.” The meeting will not take place. This same Couture-roll that will kill a soldier in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu few days later, on 20 October.

At the time of flight of the convenience store, the young person is still at his computer. While it was previously a first class, his grades drop. It adopts the propaganda speeches fired it consumes.

“These behavioral changes there are important. Parents fears are also important, “argued Tuesday counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Décarie.

The federal Crown continues his argument this afternoon. This will result in the defense pleading.

More in the Press More tomorrow.

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