Teen killed in a streetcar in Toronto: the trial adjourned police

sammy-yatim-ete-tue-ballesThe trial of a Toronto police officer accused of having shot dead a teenager in a tram car two years ago has been postponed to next week.

The procedure for the Forcillo agent James has been adjourned because the defense lawyers and Crown prosecutors should discuss certain topics with the judge without the presence of the jury.

Forcillo is accused of unpremeditated murder and attempted murder in connection with the death of Sammy Yatim.

He pleaded not guilty.

Sammy Yatim was shot dead in an empty tram car July 27, 2013. In the videos of the incident captured by surveillance cameras and mobile phones, you can hear someone order the young man of 18 years dropping his knife and nine shots ring out.

The parents and sister of the youth were present in the courtroom on Tuesday, as the wife and relatives of the police officer.

Opening statements, which were to take place Tuesday, were handed over to next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Forcillo, who was released on bail, in an administrative position at Toronto Crimestoppers.

His lawyer said he was eager to give his version of the facts during the trial.

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