Teen on trial for terrorist attempted to use his father’s credit card

enqueteur-grc-brahim-soussiSeveral months before committing a robbery in a convenience store, a Montreal teenager trial for terrorism in the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec, had tried to get money otherwise, including the fraudulent use of his father’s credit card, did on Thursday.

In February 2014, the father of the accused was found in the trouser pocket of his son, a piece of paper on which was scrawled his credit card number. It was eight months before his arrest on October 17. “Why did you do that?” Asked the father. To go to Syria, replied his son. From that moment a parental control software was installed on the computer used by the teenager. On May 29, it nevertheless tried to shop a plane ticket to Turkey, always with his father’s credit card. The bank blocked the transaction. We know that the accused also tried to pay money via Western Union. “I will help in one way or another,” he said.

During the months that followed, the teenager has been very active on the Internet and social networks. He downloaded a significant amount of equipment jihadist propaganda. He maintained links via Twitter in particular, with a man named Sami El, an official Montrealers of aggression in Pierrefonds in 2010 and went to do jihad in Syria in 2013. The accused also exchanged with Martin Couture-Roll, author the attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. He wanted to borrow money to purchase a new knife and commit a second flight, have we learned last week. The ticket costs more than $ 1,000, said the accused in Couture-roll.

The accused, who was 15 at the time, is suspected of terrorism in two counts: committing robbery “led to the benefit or in association with a terrorist group” and have wanted to leave Canada to participate “in the activities of a terrorist group abroad”. Despite all the items entered into evidence, the defense requested the judge Thursday Dominique Wilhelmy establish a dismissal as to the first charge for lack of evidence. “It takes more than deductions. For over a week, the evidence confirms an intellectual and ideological radicalization of the accused. (…) It may well present tetra-bytes of material found in the computer of my client does not prove anything. (…) We passed by the essential elements of the offenses for which it is in court, “argued Mr. Tiago Murias.

During the interrogation of October 17, 2014 led by the investigator Brahim Soussi, the accused spoke about the stolen money as a “war booty”, insisted Thursday the prosecutor Lyne Decarie, prosecution after having listed the incriminating material. According to the lawsuit, it is clear that the crime was committed “in association” with a terrorist group.

The judge denied the dismissal request. The trial continues Tuesday on two counts, while the arguments begin.

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