Teenager accused of terrorism: hatred and contempt for his host country

enqueteur-grc-brahim-soussi-interrogeCanada is a country that “killing my brothers and sisters Muslims” led by “miscreants Democrats” to be overthrown “by force if necessary.”

This is an arrogant and aggressive teenager who sets out his vision of his host country to an investigator of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during a long video interview that the prosecution wants to introduce into evidence today at the trial of 15 young years.

The young Montrealers – whose identity is struck by a publication ban – is believed to have wanted to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activities. His trial began Tuesday in the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec in Montreal.

In this video, we see the accused treat RCMP investigator Brahim Soussi – himself a Muslim – a “traitor” and “apostate”. This investigator at the National Security Section interrogated the day of his arrest on October 17, 2014. The teenager, who was picked by police at his private college that day, still wearing her school uniform at the time the interrogation.

The teenager, whose identity is struck by a publication ban, is suspected of committing a robbery “for the benefit or at the direction” of a terrorist organization in addition to wanting to leave Canada to participate “the activities of a terrorist group abroad”.

The teenager admitted having committed the robbery there almost a year already -crime for which he was sentenced to twelve months custody to be served in a youth center – but he pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism. That is why he is on trial since Tuesday.

The teenager stole $ 2,000 from a convenience store armed West Island with a knife and his face covered with a scarf.

In his eyes, all he did was take a “war booty” to a society of “unbelievers”. He explains to the interviewer Soussi he feels no remorse.

For nearly half past one, the teenager and the interviewer clash over their competing visions of Islam. “I understand Islam better than you (…) You, you serve those who belittle the Sharia,” says her adolescence.

The accused explained that he had recently stopped his karate class because her teacher asked her students to bow. “This is an act of respect to karate, not an act of submission”, he answers the interviewer. “In Islam, the prostration is a quote,” replies the young 15-year-aggressive.

Later in the interview, the teenager treats his own father as “apostate”. He also refused to be present during police interrogation.

It’s his father reported him to the police after finding the weapon and the booty hidden in a bag in the back yard of the family home. The man, who left his native Algeria with his wife and children in 2003 for a better life in Canada, attended the trial despite everything that his son could say about him.

Also in the interrogation of October 17, 2014, the teenager told the police that he developed his vision of Islam browsing the Internet.

“There are many things that escape you, that you do not understand (…) You are at an age where you are easily manipulated,” tries to explain the investigator.

“Your job is to manipulate me,” then insists the young accused, who then tries to get out of the interrogation room, exasperated by the officer’s questions.

The teenager who immigrated to Canada at the age of 4 years finally sit down and drops: “I did not choose to live here.”

“Canada has offered you a quiet square, protected you, gave you a good school,” says the investigator. “Meanwhile, it kills Muslims,” ​​replies the teenager who denounces Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.

“It’s eye for eye, tooth for tooth,” says the young accused who does not want to elaborate on what he intended to do with the stolen $ 2,000.

Dominica Judge Wilhelmy must now determine whether the questioning can be introduced into evidence by the prosecution as the defense challenges the legality. It’s the teenager refused the presence of his parents and a lawyer, and even if the two police officers who questioned him that day have insisted many times on his right to counsel .

The trial continues this afternoon.

The 15 year old is the first Canadian to stand trial for attempting to leave the country to participate in a terrorist activity under the new law on the fight against terrorism.

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