Ten deaths in a new massacre on an American campus

photographe-roseburg-news-review-ditA young man of 20 years killed ten people Thursday on a university campus in Oregon, causing amazement and anger of US President Barack Obama face the shootings become “routine” in the United States.

“For now, we can confirm ten deaths” and seven wounded in the shooting, said Sheriff John Hanlin local county at a news conference without specifying whether the gunman, who died in crossfire with the police, was part of that record.

Alerted by mid-morning, the officers located the suspect arriving on campus, “there was an exchange of gunfire,” he said.

“He is a man of 20,” said his side the Governor of that State northwestern United States, Kate Brown, at another press briefing.

First information had reported about twenty wounded.

“I was in class next to the one where the shooter” was, testified a student, Cassandra Welding on CNN. Hearing gunshots, “all the students in the class are thrown under desks and a woman, one of my classmates, went to see what was going on, opened the door to him and unfortunately the shooter was shot. ”

The panicked students were then closed the door, turned off the light and called the police and their families, trying to protect themselves with “our bags, chairs, all we could find if he enters,” said Cassandra Welding.

“Someone draws on campus”

The gunman methodically killed his victims, from one classroom to another university Umpqua, according to local media.

The university is installed in a remote and rural area, living mainly from logging.

The university campus where studying some 3,000 people, was evacuated and cordoned off, firefighters, police and worried parents rushing to the scene from the first information that a massacre had taken place. The university students will remain closed until at least Monday, announced the management.

Before letting them leave campus, the police searched the students hands on his head, looking for possible accomplices and weapons.

“Hey, I’m fine. Physically. We were taken by bus off campus “, testified on Twitter student, Kayla Marie. “Oh my god, someone pulls on campus,” she wrote an hour earlier.

The killer would have posted a message on social networks before the shooting, according to several media.

Obama exasperated

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” commented President Obama, face closed, a few hours after the shooting, calling once again on Congress to pass legislation to better regulate the use of firearms.

“It has become routine,” he said.

Taking part in the Americans, Mr. Obama called them to demand accountability from their elected officials on this subject: “Whenever a tragedy like this happens, I will repeat that we can do something but we must change our laws, “he said.

Shootings are very common in high schools and universities in the United States: one of them had already taken place in a high school in South Dakota Wednesday, wounding one and another in early September at a university in Sacramento had a dead and two wounded.

The April 16, 2007, a 23 year old student killed 32 people before committing suicide on the campus of Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg (Virginia). This is the worst shooting in the history of peacetime countries.

More recently, a young man of 20 had massacred 26 people, including 20 children, in the Sandy Hook School in Newtown (Connecticut), 14 December 2012. In America shocked by death of schoolchildren, while Barack Obama tried in vain to push a tightening of gun laws.

In August, a former colleague was shot on live television journalists. And in June, a young follower of the white supremacist killed nine blacks in a church in South Carolina, for the umpteenth time reviving the debate over gun control in the country, without success.

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