Ten-month suspended sentence for selling military goggles

roch-guimont-lors-arrestation(Quebec) Guilty of selling night vision goggles reserved for military Roch Guimont from Quebec assessed a sentence of 10 months in the community.

The 40-year-old led for several months between 2008 and 2009, an online business selling military equipment, including night vision goggles third generation military equipment, the possession and export are controlled by the law.

The image intensifier tube of these glasses captures small light sources and amplifies them. He who wears glasses can see as well at night as day.

In its decision on the sentence, the judge Louis Dionne insisted this morning on the fact that these glasses provide a major strategic advantage for the US military during military operations. “They can put troops at risk if they fall into the wrong hands,” says the judge.

Canada and its allies control so severely this type of equipment, parts until the instruction manual.

Sign that the legislator takes this material seriously, the maximum fine for possession and export without a license is $ 2,000,000 and prison sentence of 10 years.

Guimont bought, repaired and sold on e-bay for night vision goggles. Thanks to the work of an undercover RCMP officer, the federal Crown is able to prove that four glasses were sold in Germany, Russia, Thailand and New Zealand.

Roch Guimont’s mother, Constance, 67, was in charge of finance and customer service. Co-accused, it was also found guilty by the jury on July 10 and was sentenced to five months to be served in the community.

The mother and son will have to serve the first half of their time at home and then observe a curfew.

Multiple pieces vision goggles, bulletproof jackets, one M14 rifle and ammunition seized from Roch Guimont, were confiscated.

Louis Dionne judge wished Roch Guimont, who defended himself throughout the trial alone, that sentence come close a painful chapter.

For over 10 years, Guimont had multiple problems with the law. He was acquitted after being falsely accused of sexual assault. He also received a conditional discharge for possession of a prohibited weapon. Guimont has filed a civil suit against the City of Quebec and certain media.

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  • Marie

    Je savais pas que ce type d’appareil était illégal ?? Il en vende depuis au moins 2009 des visions de nuit PVS-7 et PVS-14 avec intensificateur de lumière de troisième génération chez Alpha Optics, GSCI, Newcon Optik, … La loi production défense spécifie pourtant qu’un article ne peut pas être spécialement conçu pour les militaires s’il est en vente libre. Voir Consultations sur les modifications à l’Annexe de la Loi sur la production de défense il y a un organigramme qui explique tout cela !! En tout cas j’espère que cela n’est pas une erreur comme dans le cas de Steve de Jaray et Perienne de Jaray. Je me demande si le Ministère des affaires étrangères (MAE) a fait un certificat d’analyse concluant que se sont des biens contrôlés. Il faudrait se renseigner le procès a eu lieu …