Ten walkers prepare the crossing Anticosti

10-marcheurs-remonteront-riviere-jupiter(Gaspe) Eight women and two men preparing to cross Anticosti from south to north, from 18 to 29 August. They engineer, geographer and philosopher, aged 16 to fifty and want to attract the attention of Quebecers on alternatives to oil to develop the island. The Sun spoke with some of the hikers, a sample of the type of qu’Anticosti could attract tourists if it were more accessible.

This past week, Myriam Roy-Lelievre and Catherine Roy climbed Mont Sainte-Anne with bags full of useless equipment on the back. No need to be an athlete to cross the 115 kilometers of the Great Crossing Anticosti. But the days of 15 to 20 kilometers out trail or feet in the river, with one point mid-way refueling, are worth preparing for, they believe.

Ms. Roy-Lelievre is assistant engineer and chemist Dr. Roy philosopher. The diverse group assembled by Nature Québec for Great Anticosti Crossing also has such a geographer, a physiotherapist and a photographer.

“I worked in several industrial sectors: petrochemicals, mining, pulp and paper. I understand the natural resource exploitation issues, “said Ms. Roy-Lelievre. As for Catherine Roy, it believes that its philosophy of training allows him to “see the debates with a critical eye, in the globality of the issues.” The hike will be an opportunity to reflect in groups on ways to develop the island other than the oil industry.

Catherine Roy well have pedaled in New Zealand, breathed the air of Colombia and worked in Kenya, it will be the first time she set foot on Anticosti. Myriam Roy-Lelievre wanted to go long, but the public transport boat or plane it seemed complicated. “I was hesitant because there are more or fewer opportunities for people who want to go backpacking. Deer hunting is less to my taste, “she said.

“There are barriers to putting the island in value, such as access,” Sophie Gallais be responsible for project areas protected Nature Quebec, which will also be shipping.

“It is an island that fascinates and attracts people. It is hoped that the voyage will inspire others, “said Ms. Gallais. In return, participants also will give lectures on their hike.

Danièle Morin, wildlife technician and guide, traced and tested route, never entirely gone in the recent past. It is the only participant who lives on Anticosti Island.

Ms. Roy, who grew up in Saint-Victor Beauce, believes that the development of Anticosti is also his business. “Even if it is in the court of Anticostiens, hydrocarbons needs that stimulate the exploitation come from a larger community.”

“These are public lands, as well as national parks. Abitibi, La Verendrye Anticosti: same fight. It is important that we take part in the debate on our natural resources, “says Melanie Desrochers, geographer.

Ms. Desrochers is not going to say that it will represent Quebecers; it will mainly spend beautiful sacred holiday in a place that deserves to be known. “People have told me:” You’re in the Caribbean? “And others said,” I’ve always wanted to go! ‘ ”

Participants will arrive by plane in Port-Menier, home to the 216 residents of the island. They will travel by bus on the south coast of Anticosti Island, near the mouth of the Jupiter River. They ascend the river to salmon up peatlands center of the island, before descending to the north following the Vauréal River and its famous fall.

Anticosti Island – The organization of the Great Crossing Anticosti arouses mixed reactions on the island. “With all the respect I have for Nature Quebec, bringing our cause a long time, I think they have taken it a bit clumsy way,” said the mayor of the municipality of Anticosti, John Pineault. “I told them we did not need them to think about the future of Anticosti.”

“We talked, I understand what they are trying to do, says Mr. Pineault. The day they arrive, they made a 5-7 to the Municipality and the people we will invite him to discuss with them […]. We will take the opportunity to meet the leaders [Innu], the mayors of the Mingan and the prefect, to reaffirm our opposition, “the development of hydrocarbons on the island.

The prefect of the Minganie, Luc Noel, says the Great Crossing Anticosti will give visibility to the type of development to do on the island. “We must facilitate access to the island for expeditions, walks to discover nature,” he said. Mr. Christmas, 63 years and resident of Havre-Saint-Pierre in Middle North Shore, Anticosti visited his neighbors for the first time this summer. The island is 12 to 15 minutes of flight of his municipality, but the return ticket costs $ 325. “While 99% of the population of Havre-Saint-Pierre do not go because it is difficult to access. For a family of four is $ 1,300 airplane and, once there, you have not paid your car or your accommodation. ”

A ferry between Havre-Saint-Pierre, Anticosti and Gaspesie solve “part of the problem,” says Claus. Such a project is awaiting funding from the Maritime Strategy of Quebec.

But ferries do not travel in winter, shade the prefect. Mr. Noel would Anticosti the same treatment that Isle-aux-Grues, where the ferry transportation is subsidized from spring to fall, and the air transport funded in winter.

According to the prefect, residents Anticosti not are adamant to develop oil. “It’s their 25th priority. But it is the only economic way out they see. The government was deaf to calls for Anticostiens out of isolation. ”

Drilling delayed until 2017?
GASPE – Everything indicates that Pétrolia does not will drill in 2016 on Anticosti Island, although it has obtained authorization from Quebec for three exploratory drilling with hydraulic fracturing. Only “preparations” will be conducted this summer, taught John Pineault, the mayor of the Anticosti Island. Petrolia, who is the project manager, had already decided to postpone to 2017 the fracturing portion afraid to miss time this year. However, remained vague until now about the timing of drilling themselves. The Innu want to get a court injunction to invalidate the certificates of authorization given by Quebec. They warned that they could occupy the drill sites.

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