Terrorists fired power ATO stronghold in Trohizbenka

mostYesterday, March 25, and last night was calm again on the territory controlled by Ukraine Lugansk – fighting recorded in three directions

This is stated in the press service of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman Gennady Moskal
In Trohizbentsi near the destroyed bridge over the Seversky Donets yesterday broke shootout with automatic weapons. In the evening, a group of gunmen got out of the city and fired from grenade launchers Ukrainian military stronghold. After opening assault the enemy retreated.

In Lugansk village on the outskirts of last night and this morning also heard machine-turn. And between Crimea (controlled by Ukrainian security forces) and Sokolniki (occupied by militants) periodically brief skirmish occurred with machines and machine guns. In all cases, there were no victims among the civilian population, information about wounded or dead soldiers there.

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