Tesla denounces the abuse of its Supercharger

utilisation-superchargeurs-destinee-voyages-longueYou can have enough money to buy a Tesla S at$ 100,000 and to be close enough to his subject to go and load it for free at Tesla Motors all day. This is a reality that the manufacturer of electric cars, luxury discovered with the use – abuse, according to founder Elon Musk, from its Supercharger by some Model S owners inhabitant not far from these rapid charging free.

The manufacturer has sent a letter targeting “frequent users” of Supercharger premises in which he asks them to use it less often and, instead, to plug in their Model S, at home, in their own outlets.

The Supercharger of installations are fast-charging free installed in the United States and Canada (as well as in Europe and China) by Tesla Motors to enable travel long distance to the edge of its all-electric cars.

In Quebec, there is only one station with eight terminals Supercharger between Quebec city and Montreal (Drummondville); two if you count the dealership Tesla rue Ferrier, Montreal.

These terminals are located near the major highways, at intervals to be strategic (the average battery life of the S Models is 335 km 426 km, depending on the battery, according to the u.s. government).

The network is a joint canada-u.s. free recharge would now an owner of a Tesla S from Chicoutimi and roll up the bottom end of the Florida Keys, or up to the mexican border in southern California.

Prepaid, but unlimited or not?

The network of Super-Chargers, designed for travellers, is included in the price ($75,000 plus tax for the base model) and Tesla guarantees its customers that it is free lifetime and unlimited.

But Elon Musk, chairman of Tesla Motors, has complained a month ago to some abuse (uses local “aggressive”) is likely in places where the Supercharger is located in inhabited areas. For example, in the south-west of the California, New England, Florida and in other regions where the population is dense, the Supercharger stations are installed near residential areas.

At the annual meeting of shareholders, on June 9, Mr. Musk has wanted to restrict the promise of free superchargers, describing it as the ability “to travel long distance for free for ever”. This nuance (“long distance”) does not appear in the website of Tesla Motors, who said customers can use the network of Supercharger at will.

“A small number of people use them very aggressively for SuperCharger locally,” said Mr. Musk at the annual meeting, before adding: “We are just going to send them a kind reminder that it’s cool to do it on occasion, but it’s supposed to be a thing long distance.”

“Insulting and annoying”

The letter was sent last week to some of the users determined to be excessive: “Being a frequent user of local Supercharger, you are asked to reduce your local use of the Supercharger, and quickly move your Model S at the end of the charge.”

The letter continues by inviting the local users to use their home address as the charging point main.

The letter seems to have been sent to several Tesla owners who use the Supercharger sporadically. Many comments have been made on the internet forum Tesla Motor Club, both on the content than on the tone of “insulting and annoying” to the letter.

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