Teva would acquire the generics division of Allergan

operation-lancee-teva-elle-aboutissaitThe Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva is poised to buy back $ 45 billion division of generics group Allergan, which manufactures Botox wrinkle particular, says the Wall Street Journal Sunday.

The deal could be announced as early as Monday and reinforce the domination of Teva, which is already the largest producer of generics in the world, ensures the daily American business citing people familiar with the matter.

It will also accelerate the process of consolidation of the health insurance sector, a few days after announcing the acquisition of Cigna group by its US rival Anthem for some $ 54 billion.

The operation launched by Teva, if successful, should also quench the thirst of acquisitions of Israeli group that unsuccessfully sought in recent months to get their hands on another of its rivals, Mylan.

The takeover also lead to a split into two entities Allergan group based in Ireland which had itself been acquired by Actavis US in November 2014 for $ 66 billion.

Initially US, Allergan had relocated to Ireland to enjoy a more advantageous taxation.

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