Texas: Muslim teen arrested for making a bomb clock

ahmed-mohamed-eleve-troisieme-secondaireA Muslim 14 year old boy was arrested in Texas after he had brought to school a digital clock that he had made, the police accusing him of having assembled a dummy bomb.

The case inflamed social networks Wednesday, police in Texas involved seeing blamed overzealous based on an Islamophobic sentiment.

Ahmed Mohamed, Secondary III student, had brought his school Monday in a cobbled device, in particular consists of a digital display and an electronic circuit built into a briefcase, he wanted to show his technology teacher.

The device having sounded during another class, an English teacher confiscated before things revved up for the young man, however, known to be an inventor apprentice.

“The headmaster and police took me to a room where five police officers questioned me, searched, seized my tablet and my invention,” the teenager recounted to the newspaper Dallas Morning News.

“Then I was taken to a juvenile detention center, where I was searched, they noted my fingerprints and took pictures of me,” said the ingenious teenager interviewed in his room, which office is covered with electronic circuits.

The budding scientist, who lives in Irving, near Dallas, was transported handcuffed and forbidden to call his parents during his interrogation. Finally released, he was excluded from his school three days.

In a tweet, US President Barack Obama Wednesday urged the teenager to the White House: “Beautiful clock Ahmed. You want to bring to the White House? “.

“We should encourage more children like you to love science. This is what makes the greatness of America, “Obama said.

“This arrest is an alarm signal,” responded Alia Salem, Responsible Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to the organization, this case would not have occurred if the teen had not named Ahmed Mohamed.

The police defended of wrongdoing, including explaining handcuffing teenager “for his own safety.”

“It was a very suspicious device. We live in a time where we can not take such things in school, “said Larry Boyd, chief of police in a press conference.

The case was quickly exceeded the borders of Texas, social networks in seizing the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed (I stand Ahmed), the Texas police finding accused of Islamophobia.

“The assumptions and fear do nothing to our security, hinder us. Ahmed, remains curious and continues to create, “responded Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for the White House in 2016.

“Oh my God! Someone asked a huge bomb in the tower! “Quipped an Internet posting on Twitter a picture of Big Ben, the famous clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London.

Hundreds more were photographed carrying a pendulum or posted pictures of white children in Texas carrying firearms, alongside Ahmed and his DIY.

In a letter to parents, the headmaster of the school MacArthur Irving defended the police action.

“Rest assured that we will always take steps to ensure that our school is as safe as possible,” wrote Daniel Cummings.

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