The $ 2 Canadian has a lookalike Dominican

piece-2-canada-ressemble-yThe Canadian currency $ 2 coin has a lookalike from the Dominican Republic, a bimetallic coin 10 pesos, which is found in circulation these days in the Montreal region.

This strong resemblance between the two parts is not accidental, considering they have the same designer and the same original manufacturer, the Royal Canadian Mint, which has regular foreign countries as clients.

However, the currency market, the value of 10 pesos Dominican piece is equivalent to only 28 Canadian cents, seven times less than the $ 2 coin in legal use in Canada.

Call for vigilance

At the RCMP office in Montreal, we admit that “the similarity between the two pieces is amazing.” And the likelihood of confusion is all the greater that these are coins that are traded more quickly and with less attention to their authenticity as in the case of bank notes.

That said, the federal police do not lists of complaints against 10 Dominican pesos coins that would be deliberately used in Canada in substitution of $ 2 coins.

“We have no indication that it could be a systematic traffic parts imported or counterfeit currency, which is rare with metal parts, because too expensive,” said Camille Habel, spokesperson for the RCMP in Montreal. “However, this situation [lookalikes parts] warrants a call for vigilance among retailers and consumers, as this is already being done with bank notes.”

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