The 2016 Volt will travel 85 km in electric mode

chevrolet-volt-2016The protection of the US Environmental Agency announced last week the official fuel consumption figures and autonomy of the new generation of the Chevrolet Volt. The PHEV sees its performance increase so still considerable.

According to the figures estimated by the EPA, the Volt can travel an average of 85 km on the all-electric mode. This is 40% more than the previous generation and slightly more than General Motors announced at launch. When the gasoline engine takes office, a four-cylinder 1.5 L, gasoline consumption reaches an average of 5.7 L / 100 km (regular gasoline) for total autonomy friserait 676 km.

This performance gain is attributable, among other things, the new 18.4 kWh battery developed with LG. Lighter and more compact, it can also store more energy. The car is also 110 kg lighter and boasts two electric motors that provide superior energy efficiency by 12%.

The 2016 Chevrolet Volt is expected to be on sale in the coming weeks at a price of $ 39,990 without considering the incentives of the Quebec government that deduct $ 8,000 of invoice.

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