The actor Jim Carrey judge “fascist” compulsory vaccination in California

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey
The American comic actor Jim Carrey took aim Wednesday at California Governor Jerry Brown, calling it “the fascist corporate balance” for ratifying a law that makes mandatory vaccination for children.

In a series of acrimonious messages on the Twitter social network, Carrey ensures that it is not against vaccination as such, but that mandatory vaccines for California children contain neurotoxins and mercury.

“All we ask is ‘remove neurotoxins vaccines’. (…) History will prove that this is a reasonable request, “tweeted the actor of Dumb and Dumber and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

The law ratified Tuesday, which garnered the support of Democrats and Republicans of California requires that all children are immunized before entering kindergarten, unless medical exemption for allergy or other health risk.

It was adopted in response to a measles outbreak earlier this year that started in the Disneyland amusement park near Los Angeles, affecting more than 130 people in California and 159 people in total across 18 US states and the District of Columbia, while the highly contagious viral disease was believed to have disappeared in the country.

A growing number of parents in California and elsewhere in the US for several years refused to vaccinate their children, suggesting a link between the vaccine and autism, which is categorically refuted by scientists or by preference for medicines natural.

Jim Carrey had launched its series of tweets Wednesday declaring that “the governor of California said yes to the poisoning of more children with mercury and aluminum with mandatory vaccines. We must stop this fascist in the pay of companies. ”

He added: “They say that mercury is dangerous to fish, but to force our children to make injection is safe. Logic? ”

He was referring to thimerosal, a preservative made up about 49% mercury.

Jerry Brown’s office has called for all answer to refer to the press release for the ratification of the law Tuesday. “Though no medical procedure is without risk, (statistics) show that vaccination benefits and protects the general public”, had then said Jerry Brown in particular.

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