“The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob” will be entitled to a sequel in 2018: “Rabbi Jacqueline”

648x415_image-extraite-film-aventures-rabbi-jacobMore than 40 years after his popular success, Rabbi Jacob returns: a sequel of this cult comedy with Louis de Funès, Rabbi Jacqueline, co-written by director Danièle Thompson and cartoonist BD Jul, is expected to end in 2018, Thursday its producers.
“Top and Court, G Films (Danièle Thompson, screenwriter of the film with his father Gérard Oury in 1973), and Jul (the author of Silex and the City and the new screenwriter of Lucky Luke) team up to develop writing The sequel to the Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, “they announced in a statement.
7.3 million entries in theaters
Released in 1973, Rabbi Jacob’s Adventures recounted the adventures of a racist industrialist, Victor Pivert (Louis de Funès), confronted in spite of himself with a settling of accounts between terrorists of an Arab country, and obliged to disguise himself as a rabbi for Sow his pursuers.
Great popular success, of which several scenes and replicas became cults, the film of Gérard Oury had totaled almost 7.3 million entries in theaters.
“A twirling comedy about the contradictions of our contemporary society”
Presented as “a continuation of this monument of popular and joyful culture”, and as “a twirling comedy about the contradictions of our contemporary society”, with a woman as main character, Rabbi Jacqueline will be released at Christmas 2018. The director and actors Of the film will be announced later.
“40 years later, everything changed: what happened? What happened to the children and grandchildren of Victor Pivert, Slimane (dissident of an Arab country in the film) and Solomon? “, The Jewish driver of Victor Pivert interpreted by Henri Guybert, indicate the producers in the press release.
“In a France which has lost its recklessness, would it not really have the heart to laugh together of a racist industrialist disguised as a rabbi to save an Arab? “He adds, stressing that” the desire to revisit such a portrait of France has never been so urgent “.
“And of course it’s useless to find out who the new Louis de Funès is … In France in the 21st century, it can only be a woman! “He said.

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