The Aerosmith frontman sum Trump not to use Dream On

representants-m-trump-pas-vouluAerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler asks Donald Trump group to stop using his Dream On tour during his campaign events for the Republican nomination.

The lawyers of the famous rocker sent a second formal notice to the campaign committee of Mr. Trump Saturday.

The letter specifies that the real estate tycoon does not have permission to use the song Dream On, or other success of Steven Tyler. It also stated that “it gives the impression that [the singer] is related or endorse the candidature of Mr. Trump.”

Steven Tyler, a member of the Republican Party, attended the first debate between the candidates for the Republican nomination in August.

His lawyer, Dina LaPolt, said that this request is not “political” or “personal against Donald Trump,” but it is linked to copyright issues.

Mr. Trump representatives would not comment on the news.

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