The American-British Angus Deaton Nobel economist

jury-suedois-decerne-nobel-economieThe American-British Angus Deaton, 69, won Monday the Nobel Prize in economics for his research on consumption, especially of the poor, said the Nobel committee.

This professor was born in Scotland and working at Princeton University in the United States, was awarded “for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare,” said the Swedish jury.

“To develop economic policies that promote the well-being and reduce poverty, we must first understand individual consumption choices. More than anyone else, Angus Deaton has improved this understanding, “he has said.

“By linking specific individual choice and collective resulting, his search helped transform the fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics and development economics,” added the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Mr. Deaton has asked three main questions: how consumers allocate their spending, how a society is consumed and saved, and finally how to measure individual well-being.

These questions led him to a fine analysis of “issues such as the relationship between income and the amount of calories consumed and the extent of gender discrimination within the family.”

Mr. Deaton successor to French Jean Tirole, which was awarded in 2014 for his analysis of market regulation.

8 million kronor

He won eight million Swedish kronor (860,000 euros).

The economics prize, officially “price the Bank of Sweden in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel”, is the last of the Nobel season, marked by the coronation of Belarus Svetlana Alexievitch (literature) and the quartet of organizations that has saved the democratic transition in Tunisia (peace).

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