The anti-gays marriages Clerk Kim Davis met with the Pope

kim-davis-greffiere-comte-kentuckyPope Francis met secretly Kim Davis, the muse controversial opponents of gay marriage in the United States last week during his historic trip, found it in a television interview Wednesday.

It was during his stage in the federal capital that Francis received Kim Davis and her husband.

“It was a real humbling to think that he wanted to meet me and know me,” said Ms. Davis on ABC.

“I stretched my hand, he took it and I hugged him and he hugged me and said,” Thank you for your courage, ‘”she has said.

The clerk of a Kentucky county has become the standard bearer of the opposition to gay marriage because it refuses to sign marriage certificates for same-sex couples, despite numerous injunctions in courts, including the Supreme Court and even a few days in jail.

The pope alluded to without naming Ms. Davis during the flight back from his trip to the United States. The Pope has reaffirmed that conscientious objection was “right” for American nuns refusing to include abortion in the health insurance policy for their workers, as officials opposing gay marriage.

The lawyer Kim Davis, Mathew Staver, said the New York Times that the Vatican had been behind the meeting.

Imprisoned for five days in early September after refusing to register same-sex marriages in the name of his religious beliefs, Ms. Davis, Evangelical Christian 49 years old, returned to work after his release. It does not itself issue marriage certificates to gays couples, but it does not prevent one of his deputies to do so, provided that these documents did not bear his name.

During his trip to the United States, Pope Francis on Friday denounced before the UN “ideological colonization” which requires “peoples” “abnormal patterns of life and irresponsible”, in an implicit reference to gender theory and gay marriage.

Some, he criticized, seek to “promote an ideological colonization through the imposition of models and abnormal lifestyles alien to the identity of peoples and, ultimately irresponsible.” He calls on the UN to recognize “a moral law inscribed in human nature itself, which includes the natural distinction between man and woman.”

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