The Army of Hi still bears the marks of the attack with stones

1160470Three weeks after the attack on its large windows with stones, the building housing the Army Hi, on Wellington Street South, still bears the marks.

Of large wooden panels always overlap the front of the victim charity of vandalism in late February.

“It takes three weeks from order to have them. These are special showcases. We had to take steps forward, “notes Claude Dagenais, director of the organization.

“This is a special order. This is the time. ”

Recall that a disturbed man was arrested on 26 February while throwing stones against the windows of the building housing the body.

These are the attendants surveillance cameras downtown Sherbrooke who noticed his presence. The man, 39, experienced police forces, was overpowered by police officers dispatched to the scene.

“The needs of street people are becoming larger.”

The clothing store and other items was closed one day. The Army of Hi also serves meals and coffee to people living in poverty.

The event occurs when the body’s executive team had undertaken amenities in the building. Among other things, we had installed the first food bank in the basement adds Mr. Dagenais.

“There is also the space that has just been released in the second basement. This is where we could develop the café where people come to break the isolation, “he says.

“Because we need more space to store. The needs of street people are becoming larger. We help more than most of the world … ”

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