The arrival is the nose in the race for the Oscars

7d8ec950-1c70-42eb-b15a-95f180303dfb_jdx-no-ratio_webLess than two months from the announcement of the Oscar nominations, Denis Villeneuve and his film L’Arrival have just received an unexpected boost but which could prove crucial by collecting ten nominations for the Critics’ Choice Awards .
The three hundred North American film critics who vote for this ceremony, which will be held on December 10, have placed Villeneuve’s science fiction film in their top three tie with Moonlight and behind the favorite La La Land ( 12 nominations).
Seen as a neglected bettors, the arrival suddenly appears much more visible on the radar screen of the voting members of the Academy.

De facto, many Quebeckers are competing for a prize. In addition to being nominated for the best film award and the best feature film in science fiction or horror, L’arrivée also won nominations for the production of Villeneuve, the sets of his Quebec compatriots Patrice Vermette, Paul Hotte and André Valade as well as the visual effects created by Hybride, based in Piedmont, in the Laurentians.
The star of the film, Amy Adams, finds her part as expected in struggle for the title of best actress. Other nominations for L’arrivée were given to him for adaptation of his screenplay, photography, editing and soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

“Few people, not to say no one, expected the arrival to collect as many nominations as Moonlight. This will be noted, “said the Hollywood Reporter reporter, and expert of the Oscar race, Scott Feinberg.
Since its release in theaters, L’arrival has accumulated revenues of $ 62.6 million in America, including 1.6 million in Quebec. On a global scale, the arrival flirted, as of Monday, with the 100 million dollars.

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