The Avengers 3 Infinity War: Is the Winter Soldier the new Captain America? A photo relaunches the rumor

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-captainDoes Sebastian Stan enjoy playing with the nerves of Captain America fans? The actor just shared a photo that raises a very important rumor.
Did Steve Rogers definitely abandon the shield of Captain America? The patriot superhero has experienced quite a few unfortunate experiences lately and has gone from disillusionment to disillusionment since Hydra came back strong. Everything has become too complicated and Steve Rogers seems to be lost on the way, much like the rest of the Avengers. We discovered it in Captain America Civil War, our favorite superheroes did not hesitate to fight between them and the reunion will certainly be difficult. What if Steve simply gave up his superhero status? Numerous rumors have been circulating for a few months, announcing that the Winter Soldier aka Bucky could take over, now that he has largely liberated from the influence of Hydra. Sebastian Stan, who lends his features, put both feet in the dish with a post Instagram that we reveal below.

So, simple teasing or real revelation? Knowing Marvel Studios, they are unlikely to have let the actor unveil such information on the next long awaited movie Avengers Infinity War. But the legend that goes with the photo really leaves the doubt: “Excuse me, where are the toilets,” A huge thank you to Casey McBroom for making this shield for me … It will be useful to me … # The WinterSoldat #Marvel “. Oh Sebastian, why are you doing this to us? The production of the film Avengers Infinity War has begun and we are really looking forward to the first pictures! Would you like the Winter Soldier to be the new Captain America?

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