The beautiful and crazy adventure of summer in the Amphitheatre

gauche-droite-lydia-bouchard-danseuse(Trois-Rivieres) With only two performances to introduce the public to the Amphitheatre Cogeco, members of the cast of the show The World is crazy could hardly imagine Friday morning they would leave soon the production that made beautiful days of summer. Met seven in the adjoining lounge to their lodges, as they exchanged anecdotes happily, as they admitted a hint of sadness in the background.

“You just take us into a time of mourning,” observes the acrobat David Girard. For beyond their twenty performances, they would have gladly extended the experiment to 60 shows, adds Lydia Bouchard dancer who, like the other members of the troupe, was amazed by the synergy that is formed during the summer. “There are many beautiful small teams in special events, but here we felt really picked up with a dream team …”

The artists felt to form a family on stage, backstage and outside the amphitheater, but they also enjoyed what was happening in front of the stage. Each night we felt the pulse of the audience before the performance with interest. According evenings, the public trifluvian proved sometimes contemplative, sometimes participatory, but still warm, they say.

“There was a hunger in the public to receive something different and new. The people were really open, “observes Jonathan Brochu acrobat. “I had never done a circus show where people sing the words with us. Sometimes we felt like rock stars, “adds David Girard.

By circulating in the crowd, the strong man Martin Paquette said he was particularly amazed by the comments of the audience while his side, Ariane Cabana (Ginette) says he was contemplative itself at times. “One of my favorite pieces of the show was when sitting on the city moving towards people. My only job at that time was to look at the audience and each evening I was moving to see over 3,000 people sitting there, ready to receive what we had to offer them, with a beautiful sky behind … “The site was magical, they recognize. Besides two evenings, they played under a full moon, notes Jonathan Brochu.

That said, the company has obviously known these little snags that make laugh today. Like the time when trampolines walls had not been installed exactly the right place and therefore not quite in lighting … The other time the two acrobats inside Beaupré Giant’s legs were no longer able to out of there. And this representation, last week, where the troupe has lost Brochu, busy caring underneath his eye was bloodied after he received a light battery in the explosion of the car in the first table. “I managed to have two approximation dressing just before my Chinese matt number …” smiles the acrobat native of Shawinigan.

Finally, it will be remembered as long as the crazy excitement that reigned the days leading up to the first. Because even if the director had a clear idea of ​​the show, the production was formalized in a crazy time, noted artists. “It really was a creation in three weeks. You say that to anyone in the community and we will tell you that it can not, “argues Lydia Bouchard. Especially in this team, no one wanted to give the already-done, she adds.

The days were very long and just as physical. “The Saturday before the first, phew … It ‘not believe it so,” says one of them, noting that initially nothing was working in the transitions. “On Monday, the jell-o started to take,” they say. Just in time for the general Tuesday. “The sequence from beginning to end structure took shape in three days. Before, everything was seen as a cabaret pieces … It was a miracle happens and the miracle happened, “they say.

The reason is very keen to the family spirit that has developed, believes Martin Paquette, who was his first experience of its kind. An esprit de corps which was also palpable again on Friday to listen to them tell happily they found was a decidedly short. “Indeed, it is a little grief,” observes Jonathan Julien smile. “I see arrive late and I do not agree …”

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