The Beauty and the Beast: The video comparison between the film and the cartoon

disney-la-belle-et-la-bete-emma-watson-danA YouTubeur had fun to compare in video the trailer of the film and the cartoon The Beauty and the Beast!
Disney live-action jostle. After those of Cinderella or the Book of the Jungle, the studio with big ears decided to adapt The Lion King or Aladdin. But that’s not all since an adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast was shot with Emma Watson in the lead role. Recently, a video showed the similarities between the movie Ghost in the Shell and the animated, and this is again the case with the next Disney. An opportunity to see that the basic work was respected … or that the producers did not want to take too many risks! Internet users will make their opinion. Be that as it may, the spirit of the cartoon seems to be present.

It shows that the most important elements of the plot will be present, as will the characters. But for this live-action version, new songs seem to have been shot. The film promises a lot to fans of Beauty and the Beast, in which Ewan McGregor has had trouble doubling his character. A beautiful romance, a message of acceptance, a fairy world … everything that makes the charm of a tale is at the rendezvous. The film, directed by Bill Condon (originally many episodes of the Twilight saga), will arrive in our dark rooms on March 22, 2017. We will have to show a little patience. Fortunately, you still have the cartoon to console you! What do you think of this video comparison?

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