The Beerfest prepares Oktoberfest

festibiere-quebec-termine-dimanche-ete(Quebec) When they decided to appeal to the German community of Quebec to recreate the atmosphere of the Munich Oktoberfest, there are two years, Beerfest organizers had said after the experience the concept was here to stay. The tent was however not there this year … This is a true signed the Beerfest Oktoberfest will take place from October 9 to 11 at the Pavillon trade ExpoCite.

Born in 2010, the Beerfest Quebec is doing small. After the backyard of Beerfest, a temporary pub fitted out for the first time this year in the Old Port from June 15 to September 15, and the event Festibière the St. Patrick’s Day in March, that’s another satellite project will be launched this fall.

Starting from the concept of the tent in the colors of Bavaria installed in 2013 at Beerfest Quebec, the management decided to push the experience further. “We try to get that out to have a much bigger Oktoberfest,” explained Alexandre Caron, one of the organizers and co-founder of Beerfest.

Those who were immersed in Bavarian culture in 2013 and 2014 will have the right to a more authentic atmosphere of real Oktoberfest in Munich, we promise.

Alexandre Caron and his colleague Sébastien Huot were also made it themselves for inspiration, there are two years. “It will be really close to what we see in Germany, while keeping the focus side [and discoveries].”

Building on the brand image developed over the last six years with their main event, the organizers now feel comfortable to use for new purposes, but always keeping the same guideline: democratize beer.

Trade with Belgium

The Belgians were invited this year to replace the Germans. Again, the organizers of Beerfest had not fully anticipated what would happen. Finally, the Belgian Troquet (typical bistro) met their expectations and return next year.

This new partnership was made possible through twinning between the cities of Quebec and Namur, Belgium. Supported by the Tourist Office, including, Beerfest Québec has sent a delegation to participate at the local beer festival, which took place in July. Representatives of breweries Archibald, Le Trou du Diable and Le Grimoire made the trip to present their products. Other microbreweries will have the opportunity to do so in the future, says Mr. Caron. He said the deal could eventually allow the distribution of certain Quebec products.

In exchange, the Belgians sent a delegation and a dozen local beers.

“The best of the best”
After an edition made more difficult by bad weather last year, the Beerfest resumed its stride this summer. According to organizers, the sixth has been the most profitable of all for exhibitors from all over Quebec and outside the province.

“This is the best of the best [Festibière],” concluded Alexandre Caron, co-founder of High Mass of beer, one hour from closing doors on Sunday. “The overall sales figures” allow him to make this observation.

In terms of traffic, “I could not tell where much of the world,” he said, official data is not yet compiled.

Still, the appreciation of Mr. Caron, the 2015 edition is approaching comically or may even exceed the figure of 125,000 visitors, a record set in 2013. “It has probably benefited the most beautiful days since the beginning of summer “has he rejoiced.

Enhanced Site

The site of Espace 400e in the Old Port, this year has been optimized to meet the continued growth of the event. Sometimes criticized for congestion in his tent, the Beerfest Quebec has done its homework and says he pays the surface at its disposal. “This is an issue where the site was much more clear. It seemed much less congested. ”

Twenty breweries and microbreweries were added for the sixth presentation, bringing the total to about 80exposants.

After the Germans to the previous editions, it is the Belgians who had the opportunity to make their beer culture in a space that was reserved for them. The Belgian Troquet will return next year, organizers have confirmed.

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