The birth and death of Hugo Chavez will be celebrated by schoolchildren

hugo-chavesThe cult of personality in Venezuela has reached a new milestone with the registration of dates of birth and death of former President Hugo Chavez in school calendars, requiring the organization of festivities, according to a decree published Tuesday.

The measure concerns private and public schools of the first degree, which will organize special activities to commemorate the birth of the former president, 28 July 1954, and her death, from cancer, 5 March 2013 .

The Ministry of Education will edit “a lesson plan to guide” those events.

According to the government of President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s political heir, this Order is to “regulate” the ephemeris and promote “the development of national identity”.

“This is part of the mythology that has to build the government to maintain the cult of personality (Hugo Chavez), something that is not new in the history of humanity,” said to AFP social psychologist and political analyst, Mercedes Pulido.

The figure of Hugo Chavez, who still enjoyed a strong following before death is constantly invoked in Venezuela Nicolas Maduro of which truffles his public references to the Commander, whose image is widely reproduced.

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