The Bloc considers “grotesque” to be compared to the National Front

quebecesThe Bloc Québécois defends to negative ads against the NDP and judge “grotesque” the comparison with the National Front, a far-right party in France.

In an advertising aired since Friday, the Bloc warns voters against an NDP victory in the elections. On an orange background, a pipeline is drawn and filled with black oil.

A drop of oil becomes a niqab while a narrator says: “The elections are coming and if Thomas Mulcair was elected, there is also a nice big pipeline is coming, even if we do do not want. Then, even if one does not agree with the wearing of the niqab to vote or to be sworn, Thomas Mulcair, he is. This is the last straw. I return to the block! “. The all in 20 seconds.

On social networks, the NDP spokesman Karl Belanger responded on Friday by saying, “The National Front has made its entry into the country! ”

“This comparison is ludicrous,” Dominic replied Vallières, spokesman for the Bloc, in an interview with The Gazette. The target advertising two dossiers which were the unanimous motion object [to the National Assembly in Quebec City] for which there is consensus among Quebecers, “he said.

“According to an Ipsos poll, 91% of Quebecers disagree with the fact that people can have face veiled for swearing in ceremonies,” Mr. Vallières.

The party also advocates to target a group of people, or Muslim women. “We only mention two positions of the NDP and if the party is not comfortable with his position, it is not our problem,” he insists.

Asked to react, the NDP said in La Presse as their spokesman Karl Bélanger did not name names or common links between advertising and comment. “While some felt referred to, perhaps they should ask about their strategy,” retorted another spokesman of the party, Marc-André Viau.

“We did not intend to build pipelines carrying niqabs says Mr. Viau about the Bloc’s claims in advertising. The Bloc made cheaps commercials with the Conservative strategy. If the strategy Harper is their model for Quebec is deplorable. ”

Mr. Vallières does not consider this as negative advertising. According to him, the difference with negative ads of the Conservative Party is that the Bloc is careful not to personally attack the NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair.

“Our commercials are simply advertisements themes and there will be others including health transfers, but it is that the former is in the pipeline and the niqab during ceremonies,” he says .

The NDP agrees with the draft East Energy Pipeline TransCanada under certain conditions, including a “serious environmental review”.

On the issue of the niqab during citizenship citizenship ceremonies, the Bloc and the troops of Stephen Harper meet.

Last February, the Federal Court has authorized, in a judgment, the niqab during this ceremony.

The question is asked in the election campaign this week when the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed on Tuesday the government’s request to invalidate the first judgment.

Thomas Mulcair and Liberal leader of Canada Justin Trudeau have their sides arranged behind the opinions of the courts.

But the Conservative government does not stop there and announced Friday that he planned to bring the case before the Supreme Court. It asks, in the meantime, the suspension of judgment.

A few days earlier, the Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe wrote on Twitter that the government had to defend this matter to the highest court in the country.

Movement veiled vote

The debate over the wearing of the niqab during ceremonies also reacted two Quebec women who have launched a movement on Facebook to invite Canadians to get to the polls on October 19 wearing a niqab.

“We believe that anyone who meets the criteria of immigration Canada and has become part of our society must adhere to our common values, rights and freedoms that have helped build this country should be paying face oath discovered” explain the organizers on Facebook page of the movement, Catherine Leclerc and Karina Normand.

By voting dressed in a black burqa, the two women say they want to “raise collective awareness,” reads the Facebook page.

Within three days, 2,900 people joined the group. Although organizers said they did not condemn the religions and emphasize that no racist statement will be tolerated on the page, they were quick to fuser.

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