The Bloc Quebecois dilapidated, believes Amir Khadir

amir-khadir-khadir-porte-couleurs(Baie-Comeau) According to Amir Khadir, the results of the federal election on Monday show that with only 19% of the vote, the Bloc Quebecois is obviously the most preferred vehicle for those who hope to live the big night of the independence.

“Obviously, the Bloc fails to convince the same number of separatists at one time,” expressed by the member for Québec solidaire, Baie-Comeau crossing Tuesday to support the candidate of his party the byelection in René Lévesque, Claire Du Sablon.

“There is a good pool that independence for other considerations, vote for other parties. What prevailed in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, was to get rid of the Conservative government, “he said.

Former candidate

Mr. Khadir has already played for the Bloc, the elections of 2000. “This is a strategy of the sovereignist movement to which I joined. Quebec separatists then had to send deputies block of the Canadian parliament. That said, it is a strategy, not a goal in itself, electing deputies independence [in Ottawa]. ”

The Member for Mercier in the National Assembly believes that the time has come for a thorough review of independence priorities. “I hope we will in the coming months to put everything on the table. We will not sacred or the Bloc or the PQ, QS or even national or Option, and that sacralisera one thing, the people of Quebec. Ultimately, the goal is to have their own country, but for the people of Quebec. This is based on what we must redefine a strategy to achieve independence. ”

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